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    Submitted by Nobody; posted on Friday, May 10, 2002
    What a total bunch of cowboys. When was established, many accademics contributed on the understanding that this would be a free of cost free for all to use system and therefore forward scientific understanding and discovery. I know many American labs are planning on boycotting the service (whether they go through with it though...) My lab certainly can't afford the fee. Can I get the information I have contributed to proteome removed? Or charge Incyte for it's use...??!!?
    Submitted by Nobody; posted on Friday, May 10, 2002
    As a graduate student about to start the writing up process, the construction of my thesis will be much difficult with out this valuable database. I guess I need to try and get as much done as possible before June 1st. I wonder how much paper it would take to print of the whole of the pombePD??!!!
    Submitted by Martin Kucej; posted on Thursday, May 16, 2002
    Submitter Well, I guess they'll block your access, when they find you are trying to do that. It happened to us, when we've been downloading "a lot" of information (we were analyzing DNA array results) they blocked our IP, and we had to ask them for access and explain why we were doing so much downloads. Now they'll be twice as carefull, I think.
    Submitted by Martin Kucej; posted on Thursday, May 16, 2002
    Submitter Private companies take granted that they have free access to public research achievements, but once they use it to find something out, it's immediately restricted. It was so much useful database... If you know about any initiative, please, post it here...
    Submitted by Nobody; posted on Thursday, May 16, 2002
    Friends- I haver a connection with Proteome/Incyte who intends to make sure that these comments are read. While many of us are disappointed in this decision, we need to try and be constructive to help Incyte decide how to best help us academics. If you have suggestions about how to lessen this impact, post them here. For example, it would be great if you could buy access to one database for substantially less money than access to all the databases, or perhaps if you could buy access for 24 hours. I am hoping for a good turnout here, and to try and convince Incyte that this is a mistake that will damage many labs.
    Submitted by Nobody; posted on Tuesday, June 04, 2002
    I am the pricipal investigator of a small academic lab (3 grad students and a postdoc) with not nearly enough research funding to pay $2000/year for a Proteome subscription. I am suprised that it is legal for Incyte to resell the copyrighted data that we have generated. I have in fact contributed missing data myself in the past to WormPD, when it was publicly available. It seems like Incyte will be creating a public relations fiasco by charging academic labs for use. The institutional pricing structure will certainly need to be more explicit (the same way as journals charge for institutional use, for example) for academic libraries to be even capable of following up on it.
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