Intuitive Editor for annotated multiple Sequence and Structure Alignments
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Interactive JavaScript and HTML5 based multiple sequence alignment for web sites
This requires client side Java. Therefore interactive JavaScript and HTML5 based sequence alignment visualization is the better choice for most situations.

On Apple Macintosh OS, menu-bars are located at the top of the screen.
Strap can run in screen menu-bar mode: launch
Activation: Download Strap and edit strap.command: Directly after the java command add -Dapple.laf.useScreenMenuBar=true .
Limitations: Menu icons will not be shown. Menu items cannot be undocked.

Visualization does not require client side Java News:

  • Browser based Web application for desktop PCs and tablet computers (iOS, Andreoid, MS-Mobile) which runs entirely without Java.
    Please cite: Alignment-Annotator web server: rendering and annotating sequence alignments (2014) Nucleic Acids Res
  • Strap runs on Windows 10.
  • Feb-2018 new version fixes problems caused by changes of external web services like EBI.

With this free Java software you can:
  • Use latest bioinformatics tools with an intuitive user interface
  • Compare proteins by sequence and 3D-similarity
  • Search protein databases
  • Underline important sequence positions e.g. phosphorylated or glycosylated residues
  • Predict secondary structure, Transmembrane helices and Coiled Coil
  • Create high quality figures for publications with PDF (Example), MS-Word (Example), Libre Office, Open Office and Gwrite
  • Export to MSF, Clustal, HSSP, Multiple Fasta and Jalview
  • Publish interactive protein alignments online with HTML5
More ...
Alignment of alpha subunits of the proteaseome

flavodoxin: 3D-superposition of pdb1flv and pdb1ja1. flavodoxin: Amino acids at Flavin binding pocket are drawn as sticks.

Translation of nucleotides into amino acids.

Author: christoph.gille @ charite .de
Institut für Biochemie, Charité Berlin

Tested platforms:
Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac OS X 1.5 Leopard (PPC), Mac OS X 1.6 Snow Leopard, Apple OS X Lion, Linux, Solaris, Open Solaris

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