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  • E-CELL Simulation Environment Version 2 - Summary

    All categories :: bioinformatics software development :: E-CELL Simulation Environment Version 2

    This is portable and stable branch of the E-CELL project. Linux, Solaris, and MS-Windows versions are under developping. You will be able to run ecell2 not only in interactive mode but also in batch mode.

    License: GNU General Public License

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    Project admins: ISHIKAWA Naota

    Members: 3 [View all members]
    Module name: ecell-2
    Latest release is 2.26
    View: [Release Notes & Changelog]
    Download: [exe] [exe]

    [View all files]

    Latest announcements
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    Install manual
    Submitted by ISHIKAWA Naota; posted on Thursday, December 12, 2002

    Detailed install manulals on E-CELL 2.25 for Windows are available.
    English manual:
    Japanese manual:
    E-CELL 2.25 for Windows
    Submitted by ISHIKAWA Naota; posted on Tuesday, December 10, 2002

    I am grad to release E-CELL 2.25 for Windows.
    This version provides:
    • GUI to support modeling,
    • sample models by Keio university,
    • bug fixes.
    Please open [View All Project Files] above this news.
    File list will be showed. We release 3 files.
    • PerlSetupWEB.EXE (8.4MB) :
    contains Active Perl.
    • ecell225web-all-in-one.exe (29.0MB) :
    contains E-CELL 2.25, Active Perl,
    and Java Runtime Environment.
    We recommend to install this.
    • ecell225web-minimal-set.exe (12.6MB) :
    contains only E-CELL 2.25.

    At end of installation,
    installer will open web browser and show documents.

    To make your own reactor, please install Borland C++.

    Please send question and bug report to

    Happy hacking E-CELL!
    How to download?
    Submitted by ISHIKAWA Naota; posted on Tuesday, September 10, 2002

    Please open [View All Project Files] over this document..
    File list will be showed.
    Please download ``ecell220setup.exe''.
    This is self extracting installer of current version.
    Please read for detail.
    E-CELL 2.20 beta SP1 for Windows is available.
    Submitted by ISHIKAWA Naota; posted on Tuesday, August 06, 2002 (1 comment)

    E-CELL 2.20 beta SP1 for Windows is available.
    This version provides:
    • user-defined reactor implemented as Windows DLL,
    • virtual memory for tracer,
    • bug fixes.
    Please see project homepage for detail.
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