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CD-HIT project started at Bioinformatics.Org !
Submitted by Dan Bolser; posted on Thursday, February 19, 2004 (1 comment)
Weizhong Li has moved his popular cd-hit software to and created a new open source project!

cd-hit is used in a wide variety of applications, helping many people quickly and efficiently create non-redundant sequence databases at high sequence identity. Now the software is *open* for community development - which means you too can help improve this already excellent package!

We are looking for developers and researchers of all experience levels to...

* Make cd-hit compatible with existing sequence IO libraries, to expand the range of allowed input formats.

* Develop a range of useful output formats, including XML.

* Package cd-hit with gnu configure utilities to expand the range of platforms for which cd-hit can be reliably used.

* Research the all important sequence clustering benchmark 'sub project' of cd-hit, working to develop rigorous measures of sensitivity, selectivity and optimisation for a range of clustering tools and parameters.

* Begin to KO the few existing bugs in the cd-hit bug list.

If you use cd-hit, we would like to know!

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MC executable files/source code needed
Submitted by Nobody; posted on Thursday, May 06, 2004
Hi, I am looking for the executable files/source code for the software MC (relaesed by FEtk). The site says it's copyrighted but redistributable under the license conditions. Can anyone tell me where can I get the same from. Email me at Thanks
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