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URL: ACGTuate: A web based bioinformatics pipeline builder
Submitted by Fekla Kirilenko; posted on Monday, June 29, 2009 (1 comment)
ACGTuate (pronounced "actuate") is introducing a new web based pipeline (or workflow) builder that allows biologists and other non-programmers to construct bioinformatics pipelines, harness bioinformatics databases and computational web services from around the world, and roll them into one web based tool. It runs in a web browser but looks and feels like a desktop application (Microsoft Silverlight plugin required). ACGTuate is only available as an online service, with both free and paid subscriptions.


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How does this compare to similar tools like Galaxy?
Submitted by Dan Bolser; posted on Saturday, July 04, 2009
How does this tool compare to similar tools like Galaxy? From what I have seen of Galaxy, it looks very impressive (and it's free as in speech / beer). Have you done a comparison of the two? Are they comparable?
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