What this software can do for you


If you have data which belongs to two groups and you need to develop a model to accurately predict the outcomes of the unknown type, this is the right software for you. It works in the same way as our brain learns to recognize different items. The algorithm is known as Back propagation algorithm or multi layered perceptron and is an important component of artificial intelligence. You can use it for any type of application. For the researchers in Life science some utility programs are included for them to easily format there microarray and DNA sequence data. 


Summary of using MLPERCEP program


  1. Make a folder and place the training and testing files
  2. Properly format both the training and testing files as per the given guidelines. You can use the utility programs “Format Microarry Data” for microarray data and “Format Sequence Data” for DNA sequences. Formatting for protein sequences is not available in this version. However you can write your own script to convert the protein sequence as binary inputs.
  3. Launch training program. Upload the training file and provide the output file name. The output file contains all the information about the trained network and will be needed for testing.
  4. Launch testing program. Upload the testing file and the output file of the training program.
  5. The output and all the other files will be placed in the working directory.
  6. If you are still not clear how to use it, refer to the Tutorial page.


Launching the application: You can launch the application from StartčAll programsčMLPercep or from shortcut from desktop if you made during the installation process. You will see the application as shown below



Clicking on the individual button will activate the respective program. There is a detailed description what each module can do for you.


1) Training

2) Testing

3) Map values between 0 and 1

4) Format Microarray Data

5) Format Sequence Data

6) Analyse Result