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    Education: Antibody Tutorial now on YouTube
    Submitted by Eric Martz; posted on Saturday, July 11, 2020


    A tutorial on Antibody molecular structure and function has been posted on YouTube (go to http://MolviZ.Org and click on Antibody). It comes with an immediate-feedback quiz, and a set of open-ended questions to provoke discussion. A teachers's guide includes answers to the open-ended questions. The tutorial features 3D atomic-resolution structures, and covers
    • What is antibody? What is antigen?
    • Fab, Fc, hinge. Variable and constant domains.
    • Immunoglobulin domains: beta strands, hydrophobic core.
    • Heavy chains, light chains, disulfide bonds, glycosylation.
    • Epitopes and paratopes. CDR's.
    Authors are Eric Martz (http://Martz.MolviZ.Org) and Frieda Reichsman (

    The video is an enhanced screen capture of an interactive tutorial (free and open source) that became unusable in recent years because popular web browsers no longer support Java applets. Eventually, the interactive tutorial may be ported to JSmol, which works in popular browsers. Until then, the video is available, and may also increase awareness due to the popularity of YouTube.

    http://MolviZ.Org also has free, open source interactive tutorials on DNA, Hemoglobin, the Ramachandran Principle (also available at YouTube), Lipid Bilayers and Membrane Channels, Collagen, the Lac Repressor, and many more.

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