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    Resources: Burla: Run 1000 simultaneous Python functions in the cloud!
    Submitted by Jake Zuliani; posted on Monday, August 28, 2023

    Hey Everyone,

    Wanted to show off a project I've been working on and ask for some feedback!

    I'm Jake, I'm a co-founder at Burla ( Previously, I worked as a software engineer at a biotech startup (DayZeroDiagnostics) using WGS and machine learning to predict antibiotic resistance.

    When I started at DZD, our machine learning learning system was trained on the genomes of over 50k bacterial samples and took easily over a week to train. Getting it to train faster meant scaling across many machines in the cloud which wasn't a simple task, this is why I made Burla. Burla is a simple python package that lets you run a python function on every input in some list, at the same time, each on a separate computer in the cloud. Here's a link to a simple example:

    I was hoping you guys could help try it out and give feedback, we're happy to cover any compute cost so don't worry about using a lot of computers (the max is 1000 right now)!

    Some examples we've seen people build are:
    • Aligning of 1000 genomes to the same reference all at the same time on 1000 separate computers
    • Running an assembly algorithm on 1000 genomic samples all at the same time
    Shoot me a message if anything doesn't work, I'm always happy to hop on a call and help figure anything out, definitely let me know if you find a cool application!

    My email is jake[at], don't hesitate to reach out!

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